Uncle Tibbs’ new apron

I was hanging out with Uncle Tibbs when my mom came by with a little surprise for him. “Something for me?” he asked. Indeed it was, and it was something fun! “Oh, this is beary exciting!” he giggled. Uncle Tibbs opened it to reveal a black apron that said “Bear Grills.” This is a gift from Droopy and his human and we received it…

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Lost teddy bear’s envy-inducing Hawaiian vacation

Check this out! Looks like he had a good time. Have you been to Hawaii? I haven’t been there yet – hopefully soon! https://www.cnn.com/travel/gallery/lost-teddy-bear-hawaii-vacation-photos/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3IJtE-eEy1LhIYE8q-WFOrQr972S3VeStJC8l6vWGW1wEqSArKUNt8Zv4

New hoodie

My mom got me a new hoodie a few days ago! It’s a Super Mario hoodie from Build a Bear Workshop. First, a big thank you to my friend Droopy who got me a gift card to Build a Bear for Christmas. Now let’s try it on. Trying to fit clothes over my disproportionally sized head is always a challenge. *POP!* Okay,…

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Belated holiday cards

So, I have some belated holiday cards to share! They are belated not because they arrived late, but because I am posting them just now. Getting a new secretary will be one of the first things I do this year! The first card is from Sandy. This card has some cute penguins on it! Thanks Sandy! The other card is from Julie…

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Cruise and Chichen Itza

Over the holiday, my mom and I went on a cruise. I have never been on a cruise before, have you? I saw some large ships in the dock where we were leaving from. But soon, we left the safety of the harbor and went out into the great, big sea! I wonder how many salmon are swimming around right…

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Holiday wishes

I hope everyone had a Beary Merry Christmas! I was traveling and didn’t have time to post some of the cool holiday cards that I got. This first card I received has a fox on it… and it’s from… Little Fox (that makes sense, doesn’t it?) Thanks Little Fox! I also got a card from Sprinkles the Traveling Bear. Also included was…

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Honeycrisp apple

Hey everyone, today I’m blogging outside because it’s not that chilly. Nice to get some fresh air, y’know? Oooh, what’s this? My mom has offered me my favorite apple. Any guesses what that is? It’s a HONEYCRISP APPLE. This apple is huge!! It’s more like an Uncle Tibbs-sized apple. I am such a lucky bear!

Beary belated mail call

Umm, I have received quite a few postcards over the past couple of months… this is a beary belated post… I’m ready to hire a new secretary! The first postcard is from Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes! Thanks Jerry and Ben! I did not know Minnesota has so many lakes. Lots of lakes mean… lots of salmon! I also got a…

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No pants fashion

I was at a Starbucks recently when I saw some of Sandy’s and Jerry and Ben’s relatives. They are wearing the latest fashions here, and will you take a look at that? No pants! Maybe I started a trend here? What do you think about pants?

Milan, dah-ling!

Alright, let’s take the final leg of our Italy tour. The last stop on this trip is Milan, dah-ling! We also happen to be here during Milan Fashion Week. I’ll have to check out the latest stuffie fashions on the runway. So here I am standing outside of the Santa Maria delle Grazie church. Supposedly, there is a beary famous mural painting…

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